House of Praise International Church

Prayer & Counsel Ministry

The prayer & Counsel Ministry, is a most critical function, ordained to pray for government officials, international peace, HOPIC programs and it’s ministry teams as well as the small church groups. In addition, it will provide spiritual needs and concerns.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry, plans, promotes and oversees all of the HOPIC special evangelism groups, evangelism, training, evangelistic activities, programs and mission projects.

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry, develops, plans, oversees, and provides music and worship resources for weekend worship services, special worship events as well as all other main church programs.

Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry has the primary task of providing fellowship which will encourage prospective members and bring them to a commitment of membership on the main body. It oversees all support groups such as weddings, funerals, hospital visitation, and benevolence within the main body.

Discipleship Ministry

The Discipleship Ministry is an expansion of the teaching ministry of HOPIC. Its primary purpose is through trained teachers and leaders, bringing individuals to spiritual maturity through HOPIC Leadership & Bible Institute and Home and church bible studies; development of all study guides and curriculum.

Service Ministry

The Service Ministry, consists of senior level spiritual leaders whose primary purpose is developing members into ministers by helping them to discover innate gifts and abilities given them by God. These members are subsequently guided into functions which best utilize these gifts either within the existing or and an outside ministry.


The Service Ministry is also responsible for organizing and staffing a Family Resource Office designed primarily to assist the less fortunate through training and job location, and help them to become self-sufficient by getting them back into the job market.

HOPIC Leadership & Bible Institute

The HOPIC Leadership & Bible Institute, develops, implements, and teaches the required curriculum for training licensed and ordained ministers of the gospel and provides training for personal development.

The Living Word Ministry Fellowship

The Living Word Ministry Fellowship, provides a legal entity for review, evaluation, licensing and ordination of those called of God to the ministry.