Vision and Statement of Faith


House of Praise International Church is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization of The Living Word Inc. It is a God called, God ordained ministry. It is a ministry of Love, Prayer, and Faith. God is preparing us for the mighty outpouring of His Spirit. Now is the day, the time, and the season of our salvation.

Statement of Faith

IN FAITH WE DECLARE we do separate ourselves from sin unto God and run the race to obtain the prize of the high calling of God. This ministry is a high calling.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and believe Father God you are sending in as promised the multitudes from all walks of life, coming from the north, south, east, and west.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and submit ourselves to your leading guidance Hold Spirit of God as you call us to prayer and fasting.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and thank you for bringing in dancers and anointed ministers of music as promised for your worship and praise.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and thank God for healings and great and mighty miracles never before seen; for the lame walk and the blind see, and nothing can stop what our God has ordained.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and thank God that His divine anointing is so mighty there is and will continue to be times when people will not be able to stand in His Holy presence.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE that because of our holy presence, signs and wonders follow us as declared in your word.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE and believe that our God is more than enough to be our sufficiency, our provider, our anointing, our goodness, and our righteousness.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE with humble and thankful hearts we do always give you O God the glory and honor for calling this ministry into existence. It is you who has ordained it, empowered it, poured out Your Spirit upon it and created in us the desire to serve you. It is and will be mighty because YOU called it.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE we shall continue in your presence, in prayer, seeking you and putting on your armor that we may be strong in you.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE we will not get caught up in the Spirit of Pride (which is the spirit of strife, contention, and the spirit of jealousy.)

IN FAITH WE DECLARE that we call upon you as our God with all our heart believing you to demonstrate that you are more than enough for ANY and EVERY situation that we come up against.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE that we give you alone Father the glory as the builder of this Church.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE that in these End Times you will pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh as promised and there will be times when you presence will be so mighty, it will be as in the days of Azusa Street (i.e. a day of independence, a day of liberation), but with greater revelation of the Word.

IN FAITH WE DECLARE that because of this great calling we are going into the highways and byways to bid them to come into the House of Praise, sharing the vision with believers and nonbelievers alike, for Father God is ready to receive those chosen for this End Time Ministry.


God has said He will cause men to give unto our bosom miraculously and they will not even know why but God will move upon their hearts to do it.

He has said He will cause the riches of the wicked that are heaped up to be put into our hands. I BELIEVE IT!

God is leading, guiding, and empowering us through His Holy Spirit because He loves us.